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Scout Museum Archeology Exhibit:  Tusten Village

TMR Scout Museum has a new local archeology exhibit :  Archeology of Ten Mile River Village/Tusten Village:  

The exhibit includes 300+ artifacts excavated by a NPS archeologist on TMR property in 2018.  Many of the artifacts date back to the 1800s.   The 2018 NPS excavation is the first that I am aware of at this site and my exhibit is certainly the first on this subject.  

Ten Mile River Village/Tusten Village is largely forgotten today, but it was the center of the bluestone mining and lumbering industries in the early 1800s.  Narrowsburg, in comparison, was where the Raftsmen used to stop overnight on the trip down the Delaware River.

This site is part of the property that presumably will become NYS land in a few years and therefore might be more suitable for additional archeological digs.

Please contact Assoc. Curator David Malatzky at [email protected] for more information.

David M. Malatzky

Assoc. Curator,

Ten Mile River Scout Museum

[email protected]