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Arts & Culture Music Series in the Hancock Town Square. (June 2022 – September 2022)

The annual Summer Nights Live outdoor concert series is hosted in the Hancock Town Square each year. The Town Square will also be the host of the 2022 programming season.  We are now celebrating our fifth season of the Summer Nights Live program, which proudly provides free cultural arts performances and live music each month. The events traditionally run from May to August, however, this year we are starting in June, and extending our season to September. This is being done to ensure more regional tourists and locals can enjoy the showcase and have more flexibility with their families. The 2022 season will be a mix of unique and exciting artists. 

We are proud to curate from a number of culturally diverse arts programming options, which include dance, art, and musical performances. Thoughtful consideration is given to creating an immersive and memorable encounter with artists during each presentation. We want the tourists to remember what town/region that they are in, and to come back to Delaware County and Hancock more often. This season we are adding a festival onto the last two performance weekends to create an exciting experience, which can cater to different shopping desires of regional tourists. Crowds will want to be outdoors and shopping this year more than ever, and we want to be ready to service their needs and have vendors ready with products and services that meet the level of demand. We have partnered with the Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce and the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway to create unique tourist driven experiences, with funding provided by the Mee Foundation, Delaware County Tourism & Promotion Grants, sponsors and local donors who make these events possible.

As always, the intent is to give preference to artists who can enhance the community’s global knowledge, with different styles of music and performances that speak to a broader audience of tourists. In previous years we featured asian national dance, Mongolian throat singing, Native American tribal dance. This year we hope to feature a new category to this listing, with a focus on unique and international cuisine. Food motivates people to try new experiences, flavors and cultures. It’s often used as a crowd pleaser to cultivate and educate crowds with tastes and smells that delight and intrigue tourists. Each music style will be paired with traditional dishes most culturally relevant to each genre. For example: a masterclass in southern creole cooking and southern comfort foods served by vendors in conjunction with the Jazz performance by the Wayne Tucker Band in July, followed by British classic foods such as: fish & chips for the British Invasion festival in August. Regional food trucks will also be invited to join the festivities. Hancock Partners would like to include an exciting youth program, inspired by the hit program Chopped where the children can learn some of these cooking lessons, and compete against one another in a safe and fun environment, to win fun prizes at the festival. We hope to develop this new summer program with the Hancock Community Education Foundation and roll it out this year at the Rock Block Party in September.

We continue to cultivate and promote the production of original interactive works and hope this year to feature augmented reality technology onsite during the performance events, to better engage with tourists in new and exciting ways. The Hancock Art Alliance is looking at new ways to engage the community for their Color Your World Grant from Delaware County. The intent of these events is to both expose the local community to new cultural and artistic experiences, as well as increase and extend the current tourism season during the summer and fall months in Delaware County and specifically here in Hancock, NY. Rain dates will be announced as needed.

JUNE 18th 5-7PM Opus Black String Trio – Contemporary String Trio/ String Quartet. Alternative music. Established in 2016

JULY 16th 5-7PM Wayne Tucker & The Bad Motha’s – NYC Jazz Band & Food Festival

AUG 20th 5-7 PM Dave Novak’s Fab Cats – British Invasion Band Cover Band & Food Festival

SEPT 16th 5-7PM ROCK BLOCK PARTY – Pearly Baker’s Best – Grateful Dead Cover Band & Food Festival