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Mission of Hancock Chamber of Commerce

Whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur on your own, or looking for new opportunities the town of Hancock in Delaware County New York may be the perfect place your business, and family.

The Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-governmental not-for-profit 501(c)6 membership organization. We believe that healthy communities begin with healthy businesses. By focusing on key areas such as: community culture, economic development, advocacy, tourism promotion, and business engagement. To further develop this belief, the Chamber partners with municipal leaders, community organizations, and local businesses/companies to present a unified voice for the improvement of our community.

Our mission of the Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce is to help businesses succeed so our local communities and the surrounding region may prosper together.

Our vision of the Hancock Chamber is to be a “thriving, welcoming, successful, and family-oriented community.” As we work with our regional partners toward sustainable economic prosperity and develop new initiatives to ensure long-term infrastructure needs are met.

Our values are measured with our contributions to the local community, with our members, elected officials, future members, regional partners, and the general public is paramount to our continued success since our formation in December 1998. Toward that end, we intend to incorporate our values, and the pillars of our foundation into all our plans and actions.

We adhere to these core values and principles, as a means to establish trust and ensure a positive reputation as an organization that is working to help our members and our communities be successful.


We appreciate and value our members as our core existence. Our every decision and action is driven by a desire to contribute to our members’ success, and we are a self-governed 501(c)6 not profit organization.

Collaborative & Cooperative

We welcome all opportunities for cooperation and inclusion in meeting community goals. We seek partnerships in developing a single unified vision for the local community and our businesses.

Improve & Improvise

We ensure alignment of our actions and beliefs, engage in honest self-scrutiny, develop measurable goals, seek continuous improvement, and improvise when needed to do what is right for the broader good. We keep our commitments, but must always look for better alternatives when available to ensure we stay ahead of our regional competitors and carve out businesses opportunities to make Hancock succeed.

Leadership & Lobbying

We must always remember to remind and assist local leadership and elected officials to keep us on target and on task. We at the Chamber of Commerce must always be driving new opportunities, grants, capital development, and infrastructure opportunities. As the business leaders of the community we have a strong voice and serious responsibility to the town residents. We must continue to provide the local and regional influence for Hancock’s needs, and exhibit these skills of local leadership to ensure the success of our organization and our region by reminding these elected officials and lobbyists that we are here and intend to continue to represent our communities!