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Hancock Community Beautification Month

Lost in Time: Celebrating Horticulture, & Main Street America 

Volunteer to Help Make “Front St” & “Main St” Sparkle Again

Sunday, May  1st – 31st – Schedule to be Provided by Organization with Needed Tasks

New fitness trails, signs, flower boxes, awnings, window decals, digital information booths, et al are rolled out and set up for the Village and Town of Hancock by its local students, businesses, scouts, volunteers, and residents!

Our goal is to make Hancock the Postcard Town it used to be and help us garner more grants to revitalize the town! We need EVERYONE’s help to achieve this goal, for the benefit of the entire town. This program each season will roll out to a different part of Hancock, but we have to start here to show it’s success and garner more grants to do each hamlet!

In recent years it has become more apparent than ever that we, as Americans, need to come together during these turbulent times and celebrate our heritage. Hancock as a town is historically documented through Delaware County and The National Archives as having been named to honor John Hancock following his death in 1793. America’s famed founding-father, John Hancock, was known as the Prince of Merchants, and indeed the Hancock House Hotel  itself was named after his great family estate in Boston. 

So to celebrate our shared history, his iconic legacy, and indeed the true spirit of America, Hancock’s historic village will host a Beautification Event the first few weeks of May. This grant will be used for numerous needs associated with this beautification, such as flower boxes, plants, town flags, window decals, maps & promotional signage for festivities. The Delaware Valley Garden Club has proudly carried the immense financial burden of keeping the main streets of the area looking beautiful for over 20 years, and working with Hancock and the Delaware Valley region for over 40 years. But we need help to keep up with all this important work, the expenses, and the long term goals that can last well beyond our current attempts.

This main street beautification initiative will serve two needs:

  1. This will serve to clean up our Main Streets with proper flower boxes, benches, window displays, and awnings to revitalize our downtown area for commerce and regular use. Each community organization will carry a different portion of the cleanup under their banner but will need financial support to help in their efforts. Custom and affordable flower boxes will be matched in cost by the Delaware Valley Garden Club, at roughly $50 a box for 2-3 foot square boxes in local hemlock wood. Some of these boxes will be used as benches spanned between two-three flower boxes on Main and Front Streets where space allows. This will allow the whole village to create a dignified, and unified look for the town. Thus creating a welcoming, and enticing tourist destination unlike any other in the region. We would like to have period dressed actors and costumes to teach the history to our local children and for visiting tourists to keep the spirit alive and the history shared among all generations.
  1. We wish to help pay for fabrics, bunting, five foot flags to be draped across buildings as decor, and do our best to make a period exact match to the way the town was seen during these periods. Also to inspire a new generation to carry the torch of American pride and celebrations. These decorations will be one time purchases and kept in good condition for prosperity, and we wish to buy quality materials once. We hope to teach and instruct local businesses how to decorate their buildings, maintain them, and this way they can continue to do this every year. We want this to be a community wide celebration, just as it would have been during the great celebrations of the founding years. As a picture is worth a thousand words we have included a photo that best showcases what we intend to accomplish with our Celebration Grant for 2022. 

We want the clean and setup period to span May 1st to May 9th, and then furnish windows and final decorations and setup from May 10th to May 25th. 

The activities that need promotion and marketing funds include:

  • Historical Walking Tours (Including a new App from Rotary Club)
  • Postcards Vintage & New: On Display and for sale
  • Hancock: Complete History Book Release
  • Hancock Hallmark Series: Launch of Limited Edition Prints
  • Art Festival (To help fund the new Hancock Arts Center)
  • Theater Production (Hancock’s Folklore and Historical Figures by Judith Present)
  • Historical Photo/Video Series (Read Library/Museum & Historical Society)
  • Historical Recreations & Reenactments (Hancock Arts Alliance & Volunteers)
  • Summer Nights Live Music and Festival Series (June – September)

Festivities will begin from Memorial Day on Monday May 30th, 2022 and continue until September 12, 2022.  We as an entire community intend to celebrate our shared enduring American legacy, history, and our heroes that fought to protect the American dream. We hope this will become Hancock’s annual signature event!